Nichole Baiel

Hello there, I'm Nichole Baiel

I'm a Chicago-based front-end developer and designer who loves solving problems with beautiful code and impeccable design.

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What I've been up to:

This summer I'd taken a career break to add more tools to my development toolbox and sharpen the ones I have been using for years. My focus has been on SASS, Jade, OOCSS, and responsive frameworks. I've also volunteered with some Chicago organizations that teach others the joys of front-end development.

What I'm looking for:

I am now looking for exciting and enriching full-time opportunities that will keep me on my toes and constantly learning. Please reach out with opportunities within the city of Chicago only. No suburbs. More consideration is given to non-profits, arts, and education environments, or private companies that work diligently in giving back to their communities.




Work Experience

If you have an exciting opportunity, let's talk about it!